Client API Introduction

The Kongregate Client-side API

The Kongregate API allows you to integrate your game with Kongregate by submitting statistics, allowing players to earn badges, spend kreds and much more. Our goal is to make the API simple but powerful. The API supports Unity, as well as JavaScript. Other web plugins (Java, etc.) are supported through the use of the JavaScript version of the API.


Note about the API

The Kongregate API is only accessible on Integrating the APIs outside of our web platform will result in errors and non-functionality.

The Kongregate API Object

Throughout the API documentation, you will see references to the "Kongregate" object or the "Kongregate API" object. In order to keep the API simple, function names, arguments, and return values are the same no matter what language is being used. The main difference when using a different language is how you go about obtaining the main Kongregate API object.

This is explained further in the language-specific documentation, but just keep in mind that when you see a variable named kongregate or a reference to a "Kongregate" object or "Kongregate API" object you will need to substitute in the appropriate language-specific construct. It can be useful to create your own kongregate variable which references the API so that your code exactly matches the documentation.

Language-specific Documentation

The Kongregate Server-side HTTP API

In addition to client-side links, Kongregate offers a Server Side HTTP API to provide for secure communication and submissions between your game's server and Kongregate. These calls are used for verifying purchases and submitting high scores, as well as looking up user information and getting badge feeds.