Are you looking for a place to expand your MMO’s audience and reach some enthusiastic and dedicated gamers? Or perhaps you have a kickin’ single player game that has some virtual goods available for purchase. Either way, look no further: Kongregate is a great home for your game and can connect you with a thriving community of active and engaged gamers!

Reach a Large Audience of Core Gamers

Kongregate reaches millions of unique users monthly. They are predominantly from North America and Northern/Western Europe. They tend to be core gamers who own console systems and spend substantial time and money gaming. They seek out competitive multiplayer games to show off their skills and knowledge with other gamers.

Easy Integration

Integration with Kongregate is relatively quick, especially for an engineer who is familiar with iframes and portal APIs. Many of our games have been ported to Kongregate generally in about 2 days’ work from one programmer. There are three APIs to integrate (Kreds Payments, Authentication, and Statistics), plus a few minor tweaks to work with the Kongregate user flow and within an iframe. Single-player games don’t need authentication and often integrate in less than a day.

Earn More

Since we want to make sure your game gets a chance to take off, joining the Kongregate kreds payments program will include some initial promotion to help get players into the game. We will run spotlight ads on the site (a minimum of 1 million impressions free of charge) and if the game gets a high rating we will put it in the Hot New Games section on the front page.

Kongregate shares its revenue with its developers, and this comes in multiple forms:

**Virtual Goods Revenue:** Purchases made with kreds in the game are split 70% to the developer and 30% to Kongregate. These splits are of the gross revenue generated - any fees from payment providers are covered in our share of the revenue.

**Ad Revenue:** We also share up to 50% of ad revenue generated on your game’s page. The exact amount varies with the current market and promotions, but generally is between $1.00 and $2.00 eCPM for the developer.

**Partner Program:** In some cases, if we think we can really take your game big with heavy promotion, we may offer you the option to switch over to our Partner Program after launch. Games in this class are in a closer relationship with Kongregate, receiving regular and larger promotions and advertising. They operate on a modified revenue split and in exchange get substantial guaranteed promotion from Kongregate. It will always be at your discretion to decide whether or not you want to become a Partner if we make you an offer for it, but so far our Partners have been quite happy they switched.

As before, Kongregate is pleased to continue to offer revenue shares and royalties to developers who distribute games through any of Kongregate’s platforms! Your Game(s) can generate revenue without you having to implement your own payment system. We want to collect all information for developers, including developer revenue opportunities, in one place and streamline the process to be consistent for all developers. We anticipate uploading updated terms and conditions for developer revenue around September.

That said, we wanted to notify you that effective as of August 31, 2020, except for a very few in-house games, Kongregate will discontinue offering in-game rewards in exchange for players voluntarily watching advertising videos.

Great MMO & Virtual Goods Games on Kongregate

Kongregate is already home to a variety of payment-enabled games and is constantly looking to expand its library. These games tend to be deep and complex with intricate in-game social interactions. For single player games, idle games and tower defense games have seen the most success so far, but the single player virtual goods space is still largely unexplored on Kongregate, and we’d love to hear about your game.