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What is the best way to call Kongregate API in Unity 2017.2 and later?

From Unity version 2017.2 Application.ExternalEval is obsolete. Thus the documentation here: https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/unity-api is outdated. If someone could provide a very simple example of calling setupAPI and submitting a score I would be very grateful!

Application.ExternalEval Out of date

I am trying to follow the guide for Unity API and Application.ExternalEval is obsolete and I cannot use it. How should I load the Kongregate API now that this has changed? I am sorry if this is easy, I am pretty new to coding.

HTML game not showing in mobile browser

Hi Kongregate, I uploaded a HTML game but its not showing in mobile browsers. What i should do to view it in mobile. Pls advice

How can I increase the size of my game window in cinematic mode?

My game code automatically handles adjusting to the current window size. But when my game is running on kongregate.com, the game window doesn't increase in size when I press the Cinematic Mode button. Is there a way I can specify the width and height to use for Cinematic Mode or something else I need to do to get this to work? Note that my auto-resizing code does work when I run my game in a browser outside of Kongregate and when I run it on Facebook as a canvas app.

Display amount of kreds the user currently has

Hi! We want to show the current amount of kreds the user has. Unfortunately I haven't found any client method (javascript API) which provides that. Could it be that this is not possible? Thanks!

What is the best way to have a private beta test?

We are getting close to releasing TagPro on Kongregate. We went the extra-mile to allow players to optionally merge their existing TagPro accounts with their Kongregate Accounts. So that playing the game in either place will result in the same account being played. This, along with many other features, needs to be tested well before going live. Luckily we have a great community around TagPro willing to test it. I currently have the Kongregate game pointed at test servers and want to allow the TagPro community to test it. What is the best way to open a private beta test? Even if was just a link, that would be fine. I basically want to expose the game to a certain group of people without the game showing up on Kongregate proper.

Payment method

I want to change my payment method i am asking the developers for 7-8 times but didnt answer to me i want to my payment what can i to do

Construct 2

I just bought this game development software called Construct 2. Am I able to upload games coming from this software into the Kongregate website ? Thank you !

Submitted my first game - not sure I got it up right

Game works I tested it on my server. Uploaded it but don't see it even when I go there. Do I have to wait to see my games. Thanks

What is the difference between publishing and uploading ?

I want to submit my game on Kongregate. But I get confused between "publishing program" and "uploading your game" https://developers.kongregate.com/publishing https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/uploading-your-game What is the diffenrence between them ?