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Payment troubles

Hi there! My name is Aliya and I'm the manager of Panoramik Games LTD, our project Mighty Party placed on your platform. We have some troubles with payments. We need your help as soon as possible!!

Internal Server Error 500

When trying to upload a new version, it just gives this error and I'm unable to upload it. There was a time that I could upload it, for some reason, when it worked it had showed the game Tags on the page last paragraph

Getting a SyntaxError when loading API [Javascript]

I load kongregate_api script in the head of the html document like this <script src='https://cdn1.kongregate.com/javascripts/kongregate_api.js'></script> Then loading my main.js script that contains these lines console.log(window.kongregateAPI); window.kongregateAPI.loadAPI(function(){}); The error message; SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified --- kongregate_api.js:36 console.log returns and object so i think it loads the script successfully.

Statistics required for Monthly Contests?

Hi, I'm just wondering about a slight discrepancy between two pages on the site. The Terms & Conditions of the Monthly Contests - https://www.kongregate.com/monthly_contest_rules - says: `(2) Submission must be integrated with the Kongregate Statistics API as of the end of the Contest Period.` However the Kongregate Submission Checklist - https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/submission-checklist-1 - says : `Statistics Initialized stat is being submitted. ... Note: As this may modify the game's rating, any games using this service will be excluded from monthly contests.` How does submitting Stats modify the game rating? I'd like to enter the contest on a recent submission to the site, but given this conflicting information I'm not sure how to proceed. Cheers!

Type of game and required plug-in?

I'm new to submitting and developing a game in general, I've also read and scrolled through posts for the first steps, but so far I didn't find especially much details about this type of games there. Planning to use HTML-commands like for websites, also not being sure if it could work for creating a game (maybe if it's more text-based than with graphics it could possibly work?), which game's type should be chosen in that case: "Flash/HTML5/WebGL" or "Unity Web Player" or "Iframe"? If Java/Script-commands can be used within the head / body-section, but if it's including Java or JavaScript or Script-commands in general, I think that the required plug-in for Iframe-typed games would be "Java" only and possibly also "Other"? I've also read about the title will be a permanent one, it can't be changed, still the pics, descriptions and updates within the game could be implemented in general. Is there a section for HTML-typed games (and I was just not finding the fitting category yet) or do many players use different programs for publishing or only HTML-typed games won't be published (so there were only less infos about it yet)?

Foreign Frugglers

Dear Kong support, I developed for Newgrounds quite a long time now, and I just made the jump to Kongregate because I hear many a good things about this site. I had some troubles with the Kongregate shell (my games were windowed + scrollbars) but I fixed all those things. However, my newest game Foreign Frugglers is not visible at the 'Hot New Games' tab, how can I get in there? I heard games should be judged and approved first? Ahwell here is the game link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/UltimoGames/foreign-frugglers Best Regards, Timo Visser (Ultimo Games)

Incentivized Ads events

Hello Let's say i register the 2 events needed for checking ads availability and i call "initializeIncentivizedAds". I receive the adsAvailable event and i start showing ads to players. At one point i receive adsUnavailable and i'm unable to show ads. My question is: In the same session (without refreshing), the API will send again adsAvailable event if new ads are available ?

Mtx.RequestUserItemList on C#

Since there isn't an example in C# can someone tell me how it works and how to unwrap the data?

API and rpg maker mv

I've still been snagged on the implementation of API, and I just want to be sure I'm doing this right. I am using JavaScript, I first put the line of code into the header of my index, then I put all the other lines the get load, event listener and all that in a separate body section under my games body section. Within my game it will submit a score when you defeat a dark tower. So far I haven't been able to get the game to upload it just keeps timing out, but does it sound like I have the API implemented correctly? Thanks all for your help.

Saving Game Data

Hello, I've made the switch to Unity and I'm currently working on a WebGL game, and I'm wondering what options I have for saving player data (scores, settings, etc). I'm hoping to get a suggestion or two. I've NEVER created a back-end server before, and I know that's an option, but does Kongregate allow me to access an external server from their website? Any ideas or suggestions for how to handle saving / the back end of my game? Thanks,