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Best license to have for Kongregate game

So I'm creating a Unity 2D game, and I want to know what kind of license I should have in order to post to Kongregate, Google Play, Steam, etc. I'm seeing licenses on github, (Apache License 2.0, GNU General Public License v3.0, MIT License, etc) but I'm not sure what to put the game under in order to distribute the game over multiple marketplaces and still keep the game in my own hands (ie no one steals the code and redistributes the game elsewhere). Any information on this would be very helpful. Thank you.

Pattern recognition API

Does your platform have a Pattern recognition API for security and payment purposes? Thanks. @austinguy

Abandoned game?

There is a game you host called the trail. No one respond to the support questions. Could congregate take ownership of a possibly a banner game with hope to finish developing it and make it so people can actually finish the objectives the game starts out with? This game is fantastic and people love it, so why cant you help players become more satisfied?

Sessions on Webgl game

I have a game developed which works with cookies, so it can maintain sessions on our own backend. It works perfectly on Mobile, and also if I run it on WebGL outside of Kongregate. When on Kong, in preview mode, it fails to retain a session. My best guess is that it's due to CORS. Following this guide (https://medium.com/@alexishevia/using-cors-in-express-cac7e29b005b), I enabled the 'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true' from my server (and can see it in Postman), but it requires a change on your side, which of course I cant do... Any suggestions or help you can give me?

Getting a SyntaxError when loading API [Javascript]

I load kongregate_api script in the head of the html document like this <script src='https://cdn1.kongregate.com/javascripts/kongregate_api.js'></script> Then loading my main.js script that contains these lines console.log(window.kongregateAPI); window.kongregateAPI.loadAPI(function(){}); The error message; SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified --- kongregate_api.js:36 console.log returns and object so i think it loads the script successfully.

Kongregate API functions with callbacks not called

Hi, I'm trying to work the microtransactions API into my game Quepland. It's written in C# using Blazor, but I have been using Javascript interop to call the Kongregate API for submitting high scores. When trying to do the same thing with mtx.purchaseItems, however, nothing happens. I don't get an error, and the callback function does not get called. Console.log calls work before calling mtx.purchaseItems, but none are called after. The closest issue I can find is that Unity WebGL games sometimes failed to run callbacks using code from the documentation. Given that I don't get an error, I'm not sure where to look to fix this issue. The code I'm using is literally copied and pasted from the Javascript docs, replacing "sword" with an identifier string. I've pasted a copy below. The second log call is never called, but no error is produced in the log. purchasePet: function (petIdentifier) { console.log("Purchase requested for " + petIdentifier); window.parent.kongregate.mtx.purchaseItems([petIdentifier], onPurchaseResult); console.log("Post Purchase Requested"); },


Is there any way to update the game without Play Store? Right now I cant play the game because of an update and I dont have a Google Account.

Application.ExternalEval Out of date

I am trying to follow the guide for Unity API and Application.ExternalEval is obsolete and I cannot use it. How should I load the Kongregate API now that this has changed? I am sorry if this is easy, I am pretty new to coding.

How do I add a high score thing into my game?

My game was made on unity and I have no idea how to add the High Scores thing into my game. The game itself has an in game high score but I would like that to show up in a high score tab on kongregate. Thanks

server time

is there a way to retrieve your (kongregate's) server time?