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Statistics required for Monthly Contests?

Hi, I'm just wondering about a slight discrepancy between two pages on the site. The Terms & Conditions of the Monthly Contests - https://www.kongregate.com/monthly_contest_rules - says: `(2) Submission must be integrated with the Kongregate Statistics API as of the end of the Contest Period.` However the Kongregate Submission Checklist - https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/submission-checklist-1 - says : `Statistics Initialized stat is being submitted. ... Note: As this may modify the game's rating, any games using this service will be excluded from monthly contests.` How does submitting Stats modify the game rating? I'd like to enter the contest on a recent submission to the site, but given this conflicting information I'm not sure how to proceed. Cheers!

resolution for Unity WebGL builds

Hello, I developing small puzzle games using Unity and I'd like to upload my game to your service. But in which resolution is that better?

Web Services Statistics API

Hello!In server side statistics submission from our server to kongregate server there is the functionality to send the statistics for one player.Is there any functionality to send all the players statistics at once?

Type of game and required plug-in?

I'm new to submitting and developing a game in general, I've also read and scrolled through posts for the first steps, but so far I didn't find especially much details about this type of games there. Planning to use HTML-commands like for websites, also not being sure if it could work for creating a game (maybe if it's more text-based than with graphics it could possibly work?), which game's type should be chosen in that case: "Flash/HTML5/WebGL" or "Unity Web Player" or "Iframe"? If Java/Script-commands can be used within the head / body-section, but if it's including Java or JavaScript or Script-commands in general, I think that the required plug-in for Iframe-typed games would be "Java" only and possibly also "Other"? I've also read about the title will be a permanent one, it can't be changed, still the pics, descriptions and updates within the game could be implemented in general. Is there a section for HTML-typed games (and I was just not finding the fitting category yet) or do many players use different programs for publishing or only HTML-typed games won't be published (so there were only less infos about it yet)?

SyntaxError in kongregate_api.js (22, 456)

I'm trying to integrate the Kongregate API into my game but I get the error "SyntaxError in kongregate_api.js (22, 456)" when I try to initialize the API. How could I solve this? Is the JavaScript API maintained or will it change with Kartridge? As a suggestion, it would be nice to be able to freely use the API for login from the server API and not from the JavaScript client API. I know what to do for corporate image, but if that is why I think you could provide us with a unitypackage to do these operations.

Bug with kongregate ads causing game to reload

https://www.kongregate.com/games/ragingrileygames/dodge-the-dead I submitted this game, it worked fine during testing, I also have it hosted on my own site. No errors in the console. When it runs in production on kongregate, this error keeps spamming the console and the game automatically reloads the page: Blocked a frame with origin "https://tpc.googlesyndication.com" from accessing a frame with origin "https://www.kongregate.com". Protocols, domains, and ports must match. There's no back end in my game, I took out all advertising stuff. This occurs on safari, not sure of other browsers. I'm assuming it's a kongregate bug since it works on my site and on kongregate in testing. Any ideas?

Construct 2 Game Won't Update

Hello, I've been using the game engine construct 2 for the last few months on Chrome. Recently I've updated my game with no issues, I did an update again no issues. Then Last night, I tried to update the game once again but this time, the update did not go through. Now if I click the play button, the game stays on what I take to be the index page. To ensure it wasn't a coding error, I uploaded on Firefox and the game worked fine, but I did not hit publish in fear of ruining the game for Chrome base players. The game has gotten nearly 6000 plays in the last 3 days, so wiping data is a huge concern. I also tried uploading the game to preview mode on my non dev account and again the game worked fine. So it leaves me to assume it's a cache error? I waited hours between uploads to update, far more time than the 15 minute suggestion. Any solution to this problem would be appreciated. Thank you.

Foreign Frugglers

Dear Kong support, I developed for Newgrounds quite a long time now, and I just made the jump to Kongregate because I hear many a good things about this site. I had some troubles with the Kongregate shell (my games were windowed + scrollbars) but I fixed all those things. However, my newest game Foreign Frugglers is not visible at the 'Hot New Games' tab, how can I get in there? I heard games should be judged and approved first? Ahwell here is the game link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/UltimoGames/foreign-frugglers Best Regards, Timo Visser (Ultimo Games)

Incentivized Ads events

Hello Let's say i register the 2 events needed for checking ads availability and i call "initializeIncentivizedAds". I receive the adsAvailable event and i start showing ads to players. At one point i receive adsUnavailable and i'm unable to show ads. My question is: In the same session (without refreshing), the API will send again adsAvailable event if new ads are available ?

Why does my game get deleted?

So use an IFRAME of my website, https://gatheringofmagic.com to run my game. It gets deleted by the website for "not having kongregate.com's login/register APIs"/ While i just checked, a nearly rated 5 star game has their own database, login and register functions that aren't seemingly tied to your kongregate account. http://www.kongregate.com/games/tfender/contract-wars You sign up on their website, just like mine, you register on their website, just like mine. What's the problem?

What is the difference between publishing and uploading ?

I want to submit my game on Kongregate. But I get confused between "publishing program" and "uploading your game" https://developers.kongregate.com/publishing https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/uploading-your-game What is the diffenrence between them ?

Get more High Scores pages

I was trying the High Score Server API described here https://docs.kongregate.com/docs/server-api-high-scores The example shows only 25 players and indicates that there are 5 pages. Is it possible to get the other pages?

Mtx.PurchaseItems documentation on metadata objects

Hello. The documentation on Mtx.PurchaseItems says that the items parameter can be an: "Array of item identifier strings, or an array of objects each with a _name_ and data field." However the code example shows an object with an "identifier" field instead of a name field. var items = [{identifier:"sword", data:"+1str"}]; Are metadata objects supposed to have an identifier or name field?

Recommended cross-platform Authentication flow

I have a multi-platform game that I want to integrate on Kongregate. I'm using PlayFab as my back-end account system. The rules state that a Kong game cannot require a game to have third party login, but what about optional logins? Is it OK if my game logs into Kong by default, but has options to link that account to other services, and options to login to other services (as long as the login triggers a link to the current Kong account)? Thanks, Duncan

Gamemaker: Studio 1.4 Kongregate API Intergration

I was trying to use Gamemaker Studio (with html export) and I was wondering how to intergrate the Kongregate API in my Gamemaker Studio games.

HTML5 game too big?

I uploaded a game which appears to be to big. I am aware of the 800px width limit and stayed within it but am still getting scrollbars. Any idea why? My game is 768x576.

Mtx.RequestUserItemList on C#

Since there isn't an example in C# can someone tell me how it works and how to unwrap the data?

Can Visual Basic games be uploaded to kongregate?

I have been working on my first game and am getting close to an alpha test, but once I get to a beta test I was hoping to have a broader test of my game than just the people I know. Is it possible to upload Visual Basic games to kongregate?

Uploading a game white screen

I upload the game and then once it gets to 100% it goes to this blank web page. https://imgur.com/a/pnfIX I'm uploading a unity game by checking the Unity Web player circle, and then uploading a .zip in the webgl/html5 spot.