Creates/manages game characters for use with guilds

Adding a Character to a Guild

Adding a player's character to a guild is handled by a call to /characters.json. In the case that a character is added to a guild that has not been created yet, this call will have the side effect of creating that guild.

There are three types of guild members:

  • Admin: Can lock, sticky, edit, and hide forum posts in the guild forum. We suggest giving guild officers an admin status.
  • Superadmin: Currently has the same permissions as a regular admin, but we may change that later. It would be best to restrict this to the owner of a guild.
  • Member: Has access to and can post in guild chat and forums. To denote a character as a member, don't pass the guild_admin_level parameter when adding the character to the guild.

Removing a Character from a Guild

In the case that a user leaves a guild, or is booted from one, that user should no longer have access to guild specific forums or chat. The call to remove a character is almost identical to the call to add a character, except the guild_identifier and guild_name shouldn't be submitted at all (or alternatively submitted as empty strings).

Revoking a Character's Superadmin or Admin Status

You can revoke a user's Superadmin or Admin status similarly with a call that resubmits the all of the character's guild parameters the same, except without the guild_admin_status parameter.

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