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Type of game and required plug-in?

I'm new to submitting and developing a game in general, I've also read and scrolled through posts for the first steps, but so far I didn't find especially much details about this type of games there.

Planning to use HTML-commands like for websites, also not being sure if it could work for creating a game (maybe if it's more text-based than with graphics it could possibly work?), which game's type should be chosen in that case: "Flash/HTML5/WebGL" or "Unity Web Player" or "Iframe"?

If Java/Script-commands can be used within the head / body-section, but if it's including Java or JavaScript or Script-commands in general, I think that the required plug-in for Iframe-typed games would be "Java" only and possibly also "Other"?

I've also read about the title will be a permanent one, it can't be changed, still the pics, descriptions and updates within the game could be implemented in general.

Is there a section for HTML-typed games (and I was just not finding the fitting category yet) or do many players use different programs for publishing or only HTML-typed games won't be published (so there were only less infos about it yet)?