Developer payments issue

Posted in General by Kyrylo Kuzyk Tue Aug 30 2016 08:56:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 1,110 times

Hi! I'm a developer of this game: My game won Weekly Contest on April 24 ($250) and Monthly Contest on May 10 ($1000). I implemented Statistics API in few days after April 24 as you suggested. But I still didn't receive any payments. Also I didn't receive any Ad Revenue payments. Could you please help me?
Anthony Pecorella
Aug 30, 2016

Congrats on the contest win! This support area is for our documentation and APIs, but if you contact they should be able to help you figure out what happened with the payments.

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Kyrylo Kuzyk
Aug 30, 2016

Ok, thanks for the help :)

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