Post a shout on the user's profile page



This feature will not function unless we have enabled it for your game. If you would like to have this feature enabled, please email us at [email protected].

Showing the shout box

If a player is logged-in and you want to allow them to post a shout on their profile page, you may bring up the shout box, optionally populated with some initial content. The showShoutBox function takes the following arguments:

messageStringThe message text to add to the shout

When the function is called, a pop-up will appear giving the player a preview of the shout, and allowing them to add their own text. Once they've done this, the message will read:

[User added text] [Text added by function call] on [Game name with link]

So, for example, if your game "Grind Quest MMO" called"User43 spent 50 hours grinding to get to level 4"), and the user added "I really need to get a life!", the resulting shout would read:

I really need to get a life! User43 spent 50 hours grinding to get to level 4 on Grind Quest MMO

Example Creating a shout:"I accidentally ate the whole thing!");"I accidentally ate the whole thing!");