Displays a custom chat tab
showTab(name, description, options)

Displaying a Custom Tab

This function displays a custom chat tab in the chat area, which will replace any other custom tabs that might be showing. It takes a name, description, and options:

nameStringName of the tab
descriptionStringDescription of the tab
optionsObjectExtra options for the tab

The options object can have the following properties:

sizeDecimalRelative size of the canvas, 0 being the smallest, 1 being the largest (default 0.5)

Example: Display a custom tab with a large canvas

kongregate.chat.showTab("MyTab","My Custom Tab", {size:0.75});
kongregate.chat.showTab("MyTab","My Custom Tab", {size:0.75});



The name and description parameters are currently unused - the tab will display "Match" at the top for now. These may be implemented in the future, so adding them in your code will ensure that it will work when we do.