Shared Links & Raids

Shared Links & Raids API

A number of games on Kongregate have guilds, raids, or other group events within them that players can join by clicking on a link, usually posted in chat or the forums. This is an excellent social feature, but can also clog up chat rooms and be difficult to track, especially for new players. To help clean up chat and provide a better organization method for games and players, we put together a Shared Links API.

Broadly, the API provides a way for a game to provide a link, the relevant URL parameters, and some basic details about the event. These links will appear on a separate tab from chat and be filterable by type and sorted by expiration. Clicking on the link will load within the game's frame, removing the weird and unnecessary page reload or new tab that previously occurred.

There are only two methods needed to control this functionality - creating a raid, and destroying a raid. Kongregate will take care of sorting and filtering the list of raids automatically. This is all done through server-to-server calls in order to prevent spamming of links from client-side users.

Using the API

The following server side methods can be used to manage shared links: